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Amsterdam apartments for expats

If you are searching the web for housing and apartments in Amsterdam, you have come to the right  place. Eday Housing Service is a licensed rental agency, and we provide apartments in Amsterdam and commission free rentals for the greater Amsterdam area.

Our agents are happy to assist you by offering the apartment in Amsterdam that ticks your boxes. We have been serving the expat community for many years; resulting in an excellent track record and a high service level to our respected clients. We know the Dutch housing market very well, and since we have many valuable relationships with houseowners, we are able to offer you exactly the apartment in Amsterdam you are looking for. In a professional, but yet personal and friendly way. Just call us !!

familie1Your friendly agent for apartments in Amsterdam

Here at Eday we have a long history on getting expat families settled in Amsterdam. We know what moves you, and we act accordingly. Feel free to contact us to discuss your preferences. We are here to serve. Our housing agents are dedicated to finding you exactly the apartment in Amsterdam that ticks your boxes.

Since we are connected to virtualy every other housing agent in Amsterdam, we are able to operate as your “one stop” agency, where you can pretty much obtain every single available apartment in Amsterdam. Next to the many apartments we are able to offer from our own database of apartments, we are well connected to pretty much every agent in the city of Amsterdam. Why bother with dealing with different housing agencies, if Eday Housing Service knows them all. We are able to offer a wide range of apartments in Amsterdam, and we are dedicated to matching them you your search profile. Your Amsterdam house is right here!

Your Amsterdam apartment is right here!

If you already know exactly what you are looking for in an Amsterdam apartment, and you have all your criteria set, we invite you to fill out our search form, herewith enabling us to match the right apartment to your specific needs. We like to narrow the search down, saving both you and us valuable time. Think about length of stay, consider the different Amsterdam city areas, and try to set a maximum rental price and stick to it. Finding an apartment in Amsterdam can be easier, faster and more relaxed, if you use us to assist you.