• Where does Eday obtain it’s houses and appartments?
    All accommodations offered by Eday are rented directly from houseowners. Eday takes care of the viewings, the contracts, inventorylists, etc. The final lease is set between the houseowner and the tenant.
  • Does Eday have a license?
    Yes, we have a license from the Amsterdam city government. License number Dienst Wonen: H90859
  • In what area’s does Eday operate?
    Eday operates in Amsterdam and it’s direct surroundings. About a radius of 10 clicks around the city.
  • Can we get municipal registration at the adress?
    Yes, all our accommodations are rented according to the criteria and rules of the Amsterdam city government, which means that registering at the adres possible.
  • How far in advance can we make arrangements to rent accommodation?
    We advise our clients to start their search 2 weeks to 1 month prior to their arrival in the Netherlands. Longer than 1 month creates a risk that the accommodation you are aiming for is rented. Shorter than one month is no problem, since most accommodations on our site do not tend to stay there for very long, so the closer to the actual entrydate, the better.
  • Are pets allowed?
    In some cases, but we allways have to check with the owner. One can imagine that the owner of a very luxuriously furnished accommodation is not too keen on allowing pets.
  • On the website, all the accommodations are offered excluding gas and electricity. How does that work?
    There are 2 scenario’s possible. (1) The owner keeps the bills on his/her name. At the check-in, the numbers on the meters are included in the contract. At the check-out, the meters are checked again, and tenant pays or receives the difference. (2) The owner disconnects the gas and electricity. Tenant has to go the the gas and electricity company, with the rental contract, and have it connected on his/her name. Option 1 is more common. How about internet and phone ( landline ) connections? In allmost all cases, the landline and the internet connections are disconnected, in order for the tenant to connect them on his/her name. But some houseowners just leave it in place. We will inform you before signing the lease.
  • What’s the best city area to live?
    That all depends on your needs. The centre of Amsterdam including the Jordaan are very popular. Young urban pro’s and older authentic inhabitants live together in beautiful and very often romantic surroundings with authentic canals and bridges. Parking in this area is absolute hell on earth though. You are charged € 45,- a day! and there is a 6 years waitinglist for a permitt. Therefor, the centre and the Jordaan are only suitable for tenants without a car. In some exceptional cases there is an indoor parking offered. The south of Amsterdam, including the Pijp and the Rivierenbuurt are also very popular. The south is a bit upperclass, and the Pijp and the Rivierenbuurt are very popular among younger people, with lots of bars, restaurants and markets closeby. The north of Amsterdam lies across the IJ-river. There you will find mostly a bit cheaper accommodations. The east of Amsterdam consists of many social housing area’s, and seems to be one of the least attractive parts of Amsterdam. The former docklands offer a wide range of exceptional architectural highlights. This is a very popular area amongst the Amsterdam population. The new west of Amsterdam, including Bos en Lommer are the least popular. Obviously, your price-quality ratio for an accommodation in this area will be better, but there is not a lot to do outside the appartments.
  • Which city area’s does Eday Cover?
    We offer: Apartments in Amsterdam jordaan, apartments in the centre, apartments in old west, apartments in east, apartments in Amsterdam north, apartments in Amsterdam south, apartments in the pijp area, apartments in Buitenveldert. Also, apartments in Amstelveen, apartments in Breukelen, apartments in Badhoevedorp.
  • What about sharing accommodation?
    In most cases, we will mention sharing possabilities in the description on the website. If the description doesn’t state it, we can always contact the owner and ask him/her.
  • Do we have to pay a deposit?
    Yes, the standard is as follows: For a fully furnished accommodation there is a 2 months deposit. For a decorated accommodation there is a 1 month deposit.
  • Is the deposit fully refundable?
    If there are no damages to the property, Yes. On the day of entry we perform a check-in, where we take you through the accommodation carrying an inventorylist and an inspectionreport. Tenant has to sign this list, and see to it that all the furniture (and bits and bobs) on the list should be present when we perform the check-out.
  • Does Eday charge commission?
    No, although we do charge an administration fee of 250 euro ex vat.